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Voices from the Radical Feminist Press and Print Shops (1960-1985), an Oral History

In Uncategorized on January 29, 2011 at 8:34 pm

Voices from the Radical Feminist Press and Print Shops (1960-1985) is an oral history project attempting to restore to the record those feminist presses and print shops founded between the year 1960 to 1985. Though these presses are not lost in the memory of those who ran them and those generations that read the presses’ books and journals, there is  little to no mention of many of these presses on the internet; many of the books, themselves, are out of print.

This is a project that attempts to highlight the literary, social, and political dimensions of the presses.  I am interested in the particular nature of production (printing) as well as changing politics during this time period. The audio interviews with transcripts will be archived at the Schlesinger Library. I hope to photograph covers of the books and journals mentioned in the interviews, as well as relevant social spaces.
-Suzanne Snider

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