Women in Print

Release Form

Interviewees may place specific restrictions on material, which would be added to this release form.

Consent to Archive Audiovisual and Written Transcripts of Interview

With your signed consent, an audio, video and written transcript of this oral history interview will be kept at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University.  The interview will be publicly available for listening, viewing and reading by researchers at the library and it may be made available through the library’s website.  Your name will be attached to your interview and you may be cited directly or indirectly in subsequent researchers’ unpublished or published work.

Project name: Women In Print: Voices from the Feminist Press, 1960-1985





Telephone number:________________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________

Date of birth:____________________________________________


By signing the form below, you give your permission for any tapes and/or photographs made during this project to be used by researchers and the public for educational purposes including publications, exhibitions, radio, World Wide Web, and presentations. By giving your permission, you do not give up any copyright or performance rights that you may hold.

I agree to the uses of these materials described above, except for any restrictions, noted below.

Name (please print):________________________________________________________



Interviewer’s signature:______________________________________________________


Restriction description:______________________________________________________

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