Women in Print


The Chicago Women’s Graphics Collective [source, via Dyke]

[Jewelle Gomez, early ’80s, NYC Pride]

[Jewelle Gomez and Dorothy Allison at Cheryl Clarke’s apartment, 1985?, after meeting as members of Conditions]

[Joani Blank, founder of Down There Press and Good Vibrations]

[Jean Mountaingrove (right), 1979]

[Suzanne and Ruth Mountaingrove, 2011]

[Carol Seajay and Jill Limerick, Old Wives’ Tales]

[Pat Parker, source]

Red River Women’s Press [source]

Seal Press founders, Barbara Sjoholm and Rachel de Silva [source]



Wendy Cadden at the Women’s Press Collective [source]

Chicago Women’s Graphics Collective, 1972 [source]




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