Women in Print


Voices from the Radical Feminist Press and Print Shops (1960-1985), an Oral History

Women in Print: Voices from the Radical Feminist Press (1960-1985) is an oral history project attempting to restore to the record those feminist presses founded between 1960 and 1985. This is a project that attempts to highlight the literary, social, and political dimensions of the presses.

 I am interested in the particular nature of production (printing) as well as changing politics during this time period. The audio interviews will be archived at the Schlesinger Library.
By using an oral history approach, I invite my narrators to amend, complicate, and correct existing narratives surrounding the creation and dissolution of many of the presses on our list. Fundraising will begin for the next round of interviews in spring 2015.
  1. I was a member of New Victoria Printers. I am working on a history of the women in print movement. I would appreciate help and feedback I have much material and achives.

  2. Hi Beth, We met at the 70’s Lesbians Conference. I’d be happy to be in touch, as our projects grow.

  3. This looks fascinating. The more we can do to preserve the culture of this time the better. Such a fascinating era.

    I’m not sure if we met at the 70’s Lesbian Conference, but Penny and I were part of the periodicals panel for DYKE A Quarterly. DYKE is not housed at The Schlesinger Library and at the library of The Museum Of Modern Art and some of the work is available online at http:www.dykeaquarterly.com.

    We are in New York and Vermont and always available online if you have any desire to speak.

    Cheers, Liza Cowan

  4. I meant…DYKE is NOW housed at Schlesinger. Bad proofreading skills.

  5. How exciting to find you. I’m Lisa SZER one of the founders of Tower Press in New York. The Women in Print conference in Omaha was an amazing gathering of women (mostly lesbians of course). It inspired me for years to come. I can’t wait to read all the entries

  6. Hi Lisa, I’m so happy you found the site. Is there anyone you’d especially like to see on the list of interviewees?

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